Services Consultation Fee Service Contents & Explanations

$500 (Spinal)
$400 (Limb)
Extra Area: $150

Included Assessment, appropriate Manipulation, Acupuncture, Electro-therapy, Exercise Prescription and Professional Advice
Shockwave Therapy also included
Tailor-made in-soles: $600-$1,500 only
Occupational Therapy $680/ 45min
$850/ hour
Included use of Multi-sensory room.
Speech Therapy
$430/ 30min
$580/ 45min
$730/ hour
Handled by our registered speech therapist.
Detailed report : $700
Dietetic Consultation $320/ consultation Individual Consultation including Dietary & Weight Management, each consultation may last from 25-40 mins. First Visit: $380/hour
Clinical Psychology $5,500 IQ assessment (child of age 3 - 15) with Report for native-English child
Using WISC-IV for aged 6 or above

Attention/ADHD Assessment (Age:6 - 16) with Report

$4,000 Dyslexia Assessment (Age:7 - 10 / 11 - 15 ) with Report
$4,700 Memory Assessment (Age: >6) with Report

Due to vast varierty of services, we are not able to show them all in website. You are welcome to check with us for more details and your individual needs.
*Prices & Fee may change without prior notification*

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